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Since I Am Loved

Thank You for the Music

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Birthdate:Aug 11
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Hi folx! No, that’s not a typo. For those of you not familiar with the term, it’s being used in the trans/non-binary/genderqueer/etc. community as a non-gender-based alternative to “folks” and “ladies & gentlemen” and so forth. If I have that down correctly. If not, please feel free to let me know. Anyway: hi!

I’m a cis bi white woman married to a trans lesbian. Maybe I should call myself “pan” rather than “bi,” given that I’ve also been attracted to NB people. I’m thinking about it. I have mixed feelings about labels, but do use them when I feel they’ll be helpful.

I have bipolar mood disorder and anxiety. I have fibromyalgia and an eating disorder and am speculating on why all these damn things seem to come in clusters: why can’t I have just ONE disability? Oh, and I am the survivor of emotional abuse at the hands of a supposed best friend. I will try to put material about this behind cuts, with content warnings, but I’m interested in chatting with you if you have some kind of similar experience and need to vent or rant or just make contact.

I am also on the autism spectrum.

I write! Science fiction, fanfic in several fandoms, memoir, bad poetry, and filk. These also fairly well describe a lot of my interests. Although when I read poetry I prefer it to be good. Ha ha.

I crochet and am thinking about taking up knitting. Anything involving an excuse to browse yarn stores and fondle the fiber and collect it whether I “need” (ha!) to or not. Yes, yarn is one of my kinks.

Speaking of which, I am exploring both polyamory and kink stuff.

I have living parents—thank you!—who have some health problems but are generally doing well. Two sisters, both married, and a total of four niblings. (Gender-neutral term for niece and/or nephew.) And since May of 2018 I have sisters-in-law and three more niblings and various other in-laws.

I’m a copy editor by profession, mostly in the humanities and most of that in Chinese history. Older Sister is a professor of Chinese history and obligingly sends colleagues to me when they are having trouble with their written English.

Two cats and a number of stuffies (don’t judge us) complete our household. We live in a very queer part of Boston and we love it. We have a generally good apartment with a slightly annoying kitchen and a super-good pantry. I cook. I use the slow-cooker, I make gluten-free bread and yummies, I love to make bean dishes. COOK ALL THE THINGS!

I'm a pagan, on a path similar to British Traditional Wicca but different in a few respects.
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